Thin Drive Cooler Review!
Posted on: 08/09/2000 09:33 PM

Ahh summer. Beaches, women, bathing suits... and HEAT. Hard drives are spinning faster these days, 7200 rpm IDE drives and 10,000+ rpm SCSI drives are both quite common (mmm scsi). What does this mean to you? When you're hot you run to the fridge for your beverage of choice or turn the A/C up another notch, what do you do for your precious hard drives? Get a bay cooler... The guys over at ApusHardware decided to review the Thin Drive Cooler! (available at 2cooltek)
Let's get down to the stats. This bad boy pushes 20CFM of air, which is plenty for your hard drive. The cooler actually mounts on the bottom of the drive. Most people think there is no point to mounting it on the bottom, since most of the heat is coming from the top. This is untrue, mounting it on the bottom is very efficient.
I'm feeling more comfortable already... Read the rest here.

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