Tiger 133 Mystery
Posted on: 06/03/2000 06:07 PM

To add a bit more speculation into the Tiger 133 mix, I'll post this email from one of our readers. Here's the whole deal, thanks Todd ;-)
I bought a Tyan 1834 Tiger 133 a week ago from ATACOM.com in Fremont, CA for $160. They are the only ones I know that have it in stock at this time.

I have not experienced any of the problems listed in the GamePC review. I installed Win2K Pro without any glitches. As noted in another posting in a Tyan newsgroup, my motherboard also came with only 3 DIMM slots vs. the 4 DIMM's noted in the specs, manual, schematics, photos, etc. Mine is a Rev 'E' board. The newsgroup posting talked to Tyan Tech Support who said this may be an early release issue, mine sure appears to be a full retail package. I'll talk to Tyan next week myself. (The board in the GamePC review was said to have 4 DIMM slots, maybe that was part of their problem).

I spent several days testing performance compared to my other dual BX boards (Asus P2B-DS rev 1.04 & Tyan 1832 Tiger 100). So far it looks like the VIA duallie averages about 80% the performance of the BX boards. I had one very strange occurrence - on one reboot the system rocked. All benchmarks were at BX board levels, but this performance was never achieved again with the same settings. Have you ever seen that before??

I don't have my cB0 coppermine flip-chips yet, so I am using the same Dual Celeron 300a PPGA's (@ 450) on MSI Slokets to test all three boards. I am using SMP-aware benchmarking tools CliBenchSMP and SiSoft Sandra 2000 to test.

There are very limited overclocking features (no voltage tweaks and bus speed is auto-detect). I plan on running two Cu 650e cB0 flip-chips in AbitIII slokets. The only bus speeds available currently are 66, 100 & 133.

Hopefully this may change with future BIOS revisions. The only real performance tweaks I could find in the BIOS are DRAM Timing (8/10, Fast, Turbo), SDRAM Cycle Length (CAS 2 or 3) and DRAM Clock (-33, Host, +33). As you would guess, the best performance is with Turbo, CAS 2 and Host+33 - so best to use good PC133 CAS2 SDRAM with this board.

I haven't done much real pounding on the setup yet, just benchmarks. I'll be loading Lightwave, After Effects, Premiere and PhotoShop this weekend to get a better real world perspective on performance.
And so... The plot thickens.

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