Tiger 133 Update
Posted on: 07/03/2000 10:05 PM

I just wanted to let you all know how it was going with my Tiger 133. I have installed a GeForce(1) SDR, SB Live! Value, 3Com 905B-TX, two PIII 600E's, a WD 13gb UDMA66 HDD, and a 52x IDE CDRom. The board is a revision "F" with the 1.03c BIOS. The good people over at NEC sent me some Virtual Channel Memory to use in this review, but unfortunately, the Tiger 133 didn't like it at all (no post). I swapped in some PC133 Crucial memory and all is well. The one major problem I am having is with my SB Live! When using the default Win2k installed drivers, the card works fine. As soon as I install the Liveware for Win2k, my sound goes away. When I uninstall the Liveware, the sound comes back. Any suggestions?

For you overclockers out there... There is NO WAY to adjust the FSB manually :-/ Unless you're willing to tape up your PIII's, you're pretty much stuck at default speeds (I am willing however... All for you guys! :-). Stay tuned for more.

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