Tighten your security
Posted on: 02/20/2000 12:14 AM

For anyone using an "always on" internet service (like cable or xDSL), there is always a question of security. Sure... Your provider gives some security, but is it enough? Is your box an easy target for hackers? Since it seems that port scanning has become a national past-time, what do you do to protect yourself? I have been trying out a bunch of different personal firewall programs lately, and I've finally found what could be the perfect one... Zone Alarm 2.0. This small firewall does a sweet job of locking-up all of those wayward ports, and the best part is... It's completely free! If you're the paranoid type or if you store some important stuff on your "always on" machine, be sure to check this program out! Oh! To keep with the "Win2k" theme of the week. Zone Alarm is fully compatible with all Windows platforms (9x, NT, 2k).

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