Tim Sweeny on Win2k
Posted on: 02/17/2000 01:48 AM

If you don't know who Tim Sweeny is, you need to CRAWL OUT FROM UNDER THAT ROCK!!! Anyway, the man had some interesting comments on the upcoming release (tomorrow) of Win2k. It's a short bit, so I'll rip the whole thing (from here)...
I just got the final Windows 2000 today. There have been some lukewarm articles about Windows 2000 lately, which I think really understate the progress of this new OS. I've been beta testing Win2K for about 15 months, and can testify that it's the most thorough and productive operating system I've ever used*. Combining the rock-solid stability of NT 4.0, and the latest peripheral and Direct3D support for Windows 98, it's a game developers' dream system. It should be in stores in a few days.

*Lots of people will give that honor to Linux, but in my personal experience, problems with drivers, video cards, and trying to figure out which one of hundreds of little text files to edit to configure my computer have prevented it from being as enjoyable an OS as Windows 2000 thus far.