Tom and the i840
Posted on: 02/15/2000 01:13 PM

Even with all the recent stink over a certain website (Okay, not so recent :-), they still put up some quality information from time to time. Just keep that in mind when you go read Tom's Hardware's preview of the Intel i840 motherboards. Yes, I know it's Tom, but he's got some good info on the i840 chipset. A definite must read if you are thinking about an upgrade.
The i840 is actually a 'workstation'-chipset and the designated successor of the 440GX-chipset. Due to this, you won't find i840 on mainstream motherboards right now and Intel doesn't really like anyone to talk about i840, who does not address workstation users. However, looking at i840's features and its differences to i820, the RDRAM-mainstream chipset, make i840 appear rather attractive to anyone who wants to use a Coppermine-processor.

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