Toshiba sleeps with Rambus
Posted on: 06/16/2000 03:57 PM

In the wierdest development in quite a while pertaining to the whole SD/DDR/RDRAM saga, Toshiba has officially acknowledged Rambus' patents on "high-speed" memory architecture. What does this mean? Well Toshiba is going to pay royalties to Rambus for making, of all things, normal SDRAM. What gives? Who knows.

Tech-Report has some very interesting bites:
Toshiba has been developing, manufacturing and selling Rambus compatible IC's since 1990. The new agreement covers patents for fundamental aspects of high-speed memory interfaces invented by Rambus, which are currently being implemented in SDRAM, DDR SDRAM and DDR FCRAM memory and controllers which directly interface with these types of memory.
Sounds like they've been in bed for a while, i wonder what got them so honest?

Check the rest of the articled here.

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