TR Tests Clovertown
Posted on: 12/15/2006 05:04 PM

Tech Report has posted their look at Intel's quad-core 5300 series Xeons. The review is especially interesting, since they are one of the few sites out there who actually have a Socket F Opteron system for comparison. As such, their performance/watt conclusions are much different than what we've been seeing in other reviews, including my own Clovertown review.
This article grew out of several different sets of plans, and fortunately, those things have at last converged in a pleasant manner. When AMD's Socket F Opterons debuted, we asked AMD for some of these new chips for review. They responded by issuing a sort of power-performance challenge: they would be willing to loan us a pair of servers, one based on the new Opterons and another on Intel Woodcrest Xeons, if we would be willing to test them head to head for both performance and power efficiency. The servers were to come from an actual server OEM and be identically configured with the necessary exceptions of the CPUs, motherboard, and memory.
This article is definitely worth a look!

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