Trade that Savage 2K for a TNT2!
Posted on: 08/13/2000 07:26 PM

S3 has basically decided that their Savage2K is crap and is offering a Viper770 to any 2K owner till the 14th of August. I nabbed this from GXS courtesy of Reactor Critical:
It has been decided that we will offer this trade to the limited number of customers who contacted me requesting it (plus any who do so before Monday morning August 14, 2000). The trade will be "straight-across". Regardless of the relative value/cost of the cards at the time they were released or today, we will consider them to be of the same value. No money will trade hands in this exchange. The trade is to exchange a Viper II Z200 for a Viper V770 Ultra 32mb AGP card. [more details at SDN's Forum]
Jim Hafner-Eaton, Director of Technical Support S3/Diamond,
If you're one of the unlucky few, get a temporary card and send that thing in!

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