Transmeta's "Crusoe" about to go public!
Posted on: 01/09/2000 04:25 PM

If you haven't seen this yet, I suggest you go read it. It looks like Transmeta will (finally) announce their "Crusoe" processor this week. If you don't know or haven't heard about "Crusoe", this article gives a decent overview of what is known (or speculated) about the new CPU. Here's a taste...
The Santa Clara-based company, which plans to detail its RISC-based Crusoe line Jan. 19, is expected to unveil patented dynamic translation technology that can run Intel x86 code, or almost any operating system and application code, though an emulation technique, sources close to the company said. Crusoe, with its built-in software, will convert applications from any platform, including X86 Intel-based Windows applications, to run on low-power and small form-factor devices.

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