Trick your apps in Win2K
Posted on: 06/05/2000 03:59 AM

I've found another goodie at 3DSpotlight. This one has to do with tricking your apps and masquerading as Win9x instead of NT/2K:

Why ? Well some programs will refuse to run under Windows 2000, e.g. Partition Magic. How do you get around this so. Well here's what ya do.
1. Insert your Windows 2000 CD.
2. Go into the Support folder.
3. Load the APCOMPAT.EXE file.
4. Select the Operating system you need to use as appropriate, e.g. Windows 98.
5. In the Start the following program point it to the location of the setup file you wish to run.
6. Click Ok.
Be sure to let me know how well (if at all) this works.
Haven't tried it yet but it should help a few of you out.

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