TurboLinux 6.0 Workstation
Posted on: 04/27/2000 04:24 PM

The boys over at Cpureview got their hands on a shiny, new copy of TurboLinux 6.0 Workstation and put it through the paces. I like the thought of having a distribution geared specifically to the desktop. They seemed to like it as well...
As far as I am concerned TurboLinux 6.0 is a HUGE improvement over TurboLinux 4.0. It has one of the best installation/configuration manuals I've seen.
Another snippit...
TurboLinux 6.0 Workstation is a good choice for current TurboLinux users; the next version may pose a serious threat to RedHat and Mandrake.
Check the review in its entirety here.

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