Tweak for IE That ROCKS
Posted on: 03/11/2000 11:05 AM

My good friend Doc Caliban sent me an amazing tweak for IE that simply makes it smoke.

Way back when the HTTP spec was created, the powers that be decided that a client shouldn't make more than 2 connections to an HTTP 1.1 server. Microsoft on the other hand decided that HTTP 1.0 servers shouldn't have more than 4 connections. This would be why you can't download more than 4 files from a single site at the same time: WinInet limits it.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q183110 details a way to set your own limit. Here it is in a nutshell:
NOTE: By changing these settings you are causing WinInet to break the HTTP protocol specification for your application and any other WinInet applications running on your machine, including Internet Explorer. You should only do this if absolutely necessary and then you should avoid doing standard Web browsing while these settings are in effect:

MaxConnectionsPerServer REG_DWORD (Default 2)
Sets the number of simultaneous requests to a single HTTP 1.1 Server

MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server REG_DWORD (Default 4)
Sets the number of simultaneous requests to a single HTTP 1.0 Server
These settings are made for a particular user and will have no affect on other users who log onto the machine.
I set mine to 50, and it makes a huge difference even on my 56k line. (DSL is coming) Go to a page with a lot of images, and watch as they all pop up much more quickly, instead of just a few at a time.

Thanks Doc!

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