Tweak That Kernel Baby!
Posted on: 03/28/2000 03:18 AM

Our own Linux masta J0rdan has really done it this time! Hot on the heels of RedHat's release of v6.2, old J0rdan lets you all in on a few of his special kernel tweaking, memory saving insights. If you use or want to use Linux, you need to read this!
In my first article I briefly mentioned the Linux kernel, the very heart of the operating system. We discovered that it was modular by design, and that its configuration could be changed to whatever the user needs. Regardless of the distribution you choose to run, it will be running the same kernel (It may be a different version). Who decides what changes are made to the kernel source? Only Linus Torvalds himself has control of what code is added to Linux. This results in a simple, clean kernel unaffected by some company's political agenda.

The default kernel configuration varies from one Linux distribution to the next. They generally try to provide a good balance between hardware support, kernel size, and speed. Each Linux vendor tries to meet the needs of the "average user". RedHat for example, packages a kernel with a wide array of hardware, filesystem, and networking support.
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