Two 600E's at 800 in a P2B-D
Posted on: 05/10/2000 04:25 PM

Kyle over at HardOCP has a screenshot of WCPUID from Humphrey Chen running two new 600E cB0's at 800 in an ASUS P2B-D. "The Humpman" has this to say about it:
YES, it supports SMP! Even though ASUS P2B-D does not have the option to adjust CPU core voltage, I was able to set the jumper to 133MHz FSB, ran a pair of these new cB0 P3-600Es at dual 800MHz; rock solid (at least for the past 90 minutes). :)
I hope to match this with better RAM. Anyone looking for two sticks of 128MB PC100 Infineon?

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