Posted on: 03/22/2005 09:34 PM

GamePC has thrown together a review of Tyan's Thunder K8WE nForce4 Pro 2200.
The nForce4 Pro 2200 can be paired with an additional chip to supplement its abilities, which is the nForce4 Pro 2050. The nForce4 Pro 2050 is very similar in design to the 2200, but is neutered to help keep costs down. The nForce4 Pro 2050 can supply an additional 16 lanes of PCI Express bandwidth, an additional four SATA-II/300 ports, and an additional Gigabit Ethernet port. The 2050 however, cannot support USB 2.0, PCI, or IDE devices. When the 2050 chip is added to a motherboard, you basically double your PCI Express bandwidth, SATA RAID port capabilities, and GigE port capabilities compared to a single chip nForce4 Pro 2200 setup.
You can read the review in its entirety here. It's a sexy beast.

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