Tyan drops Adaptec, jumps on the LSI Logic wagon
Posted on: 02/01/2000 05:41 PM

Tyan is releasing in early February an updated version of their popular Dual CPU Thunderbolt S1837UANG motherboard. The new version, now called S1837UANG-L. The additional 'L' stands for the LSI Logic's Symbios dual channel Ultra2 LVD onboard SCSI. Gone is the Adaptec AIC-7896 Ultra2 LVD.

This board is truly designed for us SMP power users. Aside from the onboard SCSI, it can handle single/dual PII/PIII processors, onboard 10/100 ethernet, Creative Labs sound, 2X AGP and 6 PCI slots (with all that onboard stuff, what exactly do we stuff into these open slots??).

On a sidenote, still related to this powerful motherboard, here's a quote from
We’ve had the pleasure to drive the original S1837UANG motherboard and we're pleased to say it’s continued running like the workhorse it was designed to be. After upgrading to the latest BIOS, we found Coppermine support to work flawlessly with the latest BIOS update (regardless of what it says) and have been able to overclock an 800MHz Coppermine to a system bus speed of 133MHz using Crucial 133MHz SDRAM with no ill effects.

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