Tyan news at iXBT
Posted on: 06/11/2000 07:43 PM

There's an interesting article on Tyan's future motherboards over at iXBT. It has information on upcoming boards including an SMP AMD board:
Samples of three dual processor Socket 370 mainboards will appear this month: Thunder LE (ServerSet III LE), Thunder i840, and Tiger 200 (Apollo Pro133A).
Dual Socket 370 mainboards Thunder HEsl (ServerSet HE-SL) and Angels (VIA Apollo Pro266) will be sampled in Q3. Samples of Socket-603 Foster mainboard code-named Vikings, based on Colusa chipset will also be available at the same time.
Designed for 4 Slot2 PIII Xeon support Ravens mainboard will appear in the end of Q3. The board has 8 DIMM slots and dual-channel Ultra3 SCSI onboard.
Lions - the first dual Athlon mainboard based on AMD770 chipset with PC266 DDR SDRAM support, 64-bit PCI, and Ultra160 SCSI; and Royals - dual FC-PGA mainboard based on VIA PX266 chipset with 64-bit PCI and 333 MHz DDR SDRAM support - both mainboards are expected to appear in the end of Q3 or beginning of Q4.

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