Tyan Showcases Servers at ICC
Posted on: 10/12/2005 05:35 PM

North America, October 11th, 2005 - With the state of the industry moving towards multi-core processor usage and a convergence of features being compounded into a variety of platforms, customers are making a focus towards application-targeting for their IT solutions. To that end, Tyan will be showcasing a number of different Intel(r)-based server and workstation solutions designed to meet or exceed demands for high-performance applications at the Intel Channel Conference (ICC) 2005, which takes place at key cities across North America for the benefit of channel resellers and distributors in both Canada and the U.S.

Products that are planned for display include single and multiprocessor server and workstation platforms using the latest Intel 64-bit single and dual-core technology in conjunction with highly-integrated features such as PCI Express(tm) I/O expansion, multi-port gigabit ethernet, Serial ATA RAID, and a host of power and remote management options for a multitude of applications. In addition to motherboards, pre-built server barebones systems that are part of the Transport product line, will be displayed openly for customer viewing. The Transport systems are based on Tyan server motherboards which use Intel Xeon and Pentium(r) D processors, and feature a wide variety of features including remote management, built-in Slim CD-ROM, active system monitoring options, hot-swap drive bays, Serial ATA and/or SCSI support. Customers are only required to add CPU, memory, and drives, and they have an instant server box.

"The amount of performance expected of server and workstation solutions will stand to benefit greatly from the introduction of the multi-core processor architecture," said Danny Hsu, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Tyan. "The Intel Channel Conference offers an excellent chance to bring those solutions to the attention of channel and system builder customers all over North America."

For more about the ICC showcase and locations, please visit: http://intel.seminars.net/showcase/

To view list of cities where Tyan will be exhibiting, please visit: http://tyan.com/html/events.html

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