Tyan Tiger 100 issues
Posted on: 05/15/2000 01:51 AM

I've recently purchased a Tyan Tiger 100 and a pair of P3 600E's. I was truly hoping to run them both at 800MHz, as they would do so individually in my MSI BXMaster. Well it POSTs, gets into Windows 98 or 2K just fine and seems to be ok but always locks up. I've even run through 3DMark2000 without a problem but it always locks.

My video card is a CL GeForce DDR and works fine at 89MHz. The RAM is 2x128mb PC133 rev 1.5 CAS2 chips, so they're not a problem either.

I suspect that the PCI divider is still 1/3 at 133 but I know of no utility that can check this in real-time. If you know of one, post it in the comments.

It's also possible that one of the chips isn't 100% at 800 and needs more voltage. Since the Tiger 100 doesn't have that option i can't get around it either.

Looks like keeping the order open for a Tiger 133 was a good idea...

Comments? Suggestions?

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