Tyan Tiger 133: Not so bad?!?
Posted on: 06/06/2000 12:39 PM

One of our Belgian readers was so discouraged by GamePC's review of the Tiger 133, he emailed his local Tyan manufacturer (Tyan.de) and asked them a few questions. They had a short, but interesting, answer for him. Here's what they said (Thanks Pascal!):
The review from GamePC, what i think that happened is that they didn't use the same stepping in CPU when you don't have the same steppingnumber you've got problems like them, our expereince withe the VIA Dual Board is great, we don't have any problems.

If I were you I should think again about the Tyan Tiger133 it's a goop priced stable motherboard.

Jeroen Rijkers - Sales Manager
M-Team Systems NV
Toekomstlaan 13-A
2200 Herentals Belgium

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