Tyan Tiger 133 Rev. F Review
Posted on: 08/06/2000 02:33 PM

Electic Tech was one of those (un)lucky few who got ahold of some of the early Tiger 133 boards. Well they are back with the latest rev. F motherboard, putting it through its paces. Here is their review and our review for comparison.
The Tiger133 is a major contender in the current workstation market because of its low cost and high-end feature list. The board does have its limitations, however, as a result of this low cost. There are no jumpers or BIOS controls for front-side-bus manipulation, as well as tight fan space - both of these may deter over clockers. The CPU performance is also average, though the memory performance is respectable. The AGP port can use some help, however, since a 4-speed port is essential for a modern day workstation platform.

The stability of the revision F board has been extremely trustworthy. Crashes are virtually non-existant (at least motherboard related crashes), and Tyan's tech support is devoted to continued development of BIOS updates for the board, as well as all of their other boards. In short, the board is definitely above average, though not an industry standard-setter.
Personally I don't see any reason for current Tiger 100 Rev. F owners to upgrade to the Tiger 133 and in the immortal words of J0rdan "You can pull it from my cold dead hands" the Tiger 100 Rev.F that is ;-)

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