Tyan Tiger 133 Review!
Posted on: 06/02/2000 09:27 PM

I fell out of my chair when I saw this link. The guys over at GamePC got their hands on a Tiger 133 and I know you've all been dying for this. Will the Tiger 133 coupled with the upstart Via Apollo 133A chipset be able to displace its little brother the Tiger 100 and the venerable BX chipset?
We really can't recommend the Tiger 133 for serious game rigs or workstations, simply due to it's horrid instability. Hopefully VIA is working on a "from-the-ground-up" multiprocessing chipset to replace the VIA Apollo 133A, because the current implementation just doesn't seem to be up to par. Using only one processor, the board seemed to be fine, but adding that second processor seemed to release all the hidden flaws in the chipset we'd never seen before.
DOH! This wasn't what we wanted to see... An important thing to note, they didn't only try one Tiger 133, they tried multiple boards. You will read the review.

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