Tyan Typhoon "Personal Supercomputer"
Posted on: 11/16/2006 02:42 AM


Supports Intel's "Clovertown" processors and Microsoft
Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

SUPERCOMPUTING 2006, TAMPA BAY, Fla, NOV. 14, 2006 - TyanPSC, the OEM business unit of Tyan Computer Corporation, today announced the launch and availability of the next generation in personal supercomputing: the Typhoon 600 series using Intel

TyanPSC is demonstrating several Typhoon 600 series systems this week at Supercomputing 2006 conference in Tampa in cooperation with its key partners in high performance computing (HPC). The demonstrations showcases the novel design and systems integration TyanPSC achieves in cooperation with several leading HPC technology partners: Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corp., Mellanox Technologies Ltd., and Wolfram Research Inc. The hardware combination of Tyan's cluster system design technologies, Intel's processor technologies and Mellanox's InfiniBand capabilities showcases the performance and efficiency the Typhoon 600 systems achieves when running Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and ISV applications, such as LSTC's LS-DYNA and Wolfram's gridMathematica.

"We're leaving the performance compromise of personal supercomputing behind us by delivering a system into office environments that pumps out one quarter of a Teraflop without the mess and difficulty of the back room data center model," said Dr. Symon Chang, CEO of Tyan Computer Corporation. "Our Typhoon 600 series personal supercomputers represent a tremendous leap for our customers who require performance-on-demand to reach their efficiency goals and get results. With the Typhoon 600 series, you just open the box, roll it into your office and plug it in. That's all it takes to have 256 GFLOPs at your fingertips. That's what we provide our customers

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