Ummm... 1000mhz?!?
Posted on: 03/03/2000 03:49 AM

It looks like the race is on! Intel and AMD have both announced that their 1ghz chips are "coming soon"! Now just imagine a dual Ghz machine... Ahhh... Here's the scoop on AMD:
According to sources, AMD will toss out the usual procedure of releasing one clock speed at a time in a move designed to humiliate its gargantuan rival Intel in an ongoing PR war. If AMD pulls the move off, and the source warns that "this is the goal, but these things can change in a minute", it will also make AMD's 850MHz Athlon -- currently the fastest processor available in full production volumes -- only the fourth-fastest on the chip maker's roster. Its 850MHz chip was introduced on 11 February.
And Intel:
Consumers will likely be able to buy PCs containing 1-GHz chips later this month, a lurch forward in the release date of these systems, sources said today.

Hewlett-Packard will start shipping consumer PCs containing Intel's Pentium III running at 1 GHz (1,000 megahertz) later this month, sources at HP said. Corporate computers containing these chips won't come out until June.
Now where is that dual Athlon chipset???

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