Unrelated Weekend Ramblings!
Posted on: 07/14/2001 07:03 AM

Wooo, it's late and yes I'm still awake. uberCory and I bolted to Sudbury to catch the late show of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within". I really enjoyed it. Prior to seeing it I did hear many bad things, but this doubtless coming from people expecting a typical hollywood plot, and a storybook Hollywood ending. Luckily Final Fantasy kept a distinct anime'ish feel. If you're an anime geek, I highly recommend it.

On another completely unrelated event, I was stumbling around over at Penny Arcade today enjoying the latest strip and checking out Tyco's customary daily editorial. He linked to a site by the name of My Boot operated by a gentleman with an incredible writing style. If you have some spare time this weekend, I highly recommend taking a time to read this whimsical multi-chapter story which all originates at a simple cheesy ad in a magazine. A wonderfully written piece; you'll find yourself laughing out loud on -many- occasions. Here's a little clip:
I have to watch her close now because she might be one of those 'I don't care, whatever' women who have their own agenda but guard it like Fort Knox. That sort of woman expects you to pick up subtle clues in their voice, tone or facial expressions that belies what they really care about and don't.
Have a great weekend everybody. I'm heading to bed. zzzzz.

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