Posted on: 10/04/2001 01:34 AM

As you are all aware, the site's updates have been few and far between for the last week. Unfortunately we are in the midst of some turbulent times around here as Jim's hours have changed at his job (promotions suck like that ), and my days have become very weird as well. I was recently laid-off from my job (I won't go there, so don't ask), so in addition to looking for a new source of income I have taken some side work to pay the bills in the meantime. This adds up to some crazy schedules for us and until we get settled in, you'll have to bear with us.

To add insult to injury, our web-hosts that have been so gracious to us in the past have informed us that they are closing their doors in the (very) near future. Apparently the 'net economy is in the crapper just like everything else right now and they are having a hard time paying their bills. Fear not kind readers! Just as I have done before, I will find a suitable host for the site (if you have any suggestions, email me ) and things will go on as usual. I just wanted to warn you in case we went down for a few days or something screwy like that.

By the way... If anyone else emails me to tell me that the Athlon XP's are out, I will likely shoot myself. At any rate, swing by and read this preview of AMD's upcomming "Hammer" architecture if you're into that kind of thing.

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