Use Linux. The Courts Do.
Posted on: 06/24/2004 02:19 PM

Thanks to Slashdot I noticed a link to an interesting article over at the Linux Journal. Did you know that the Judicial branch of the US government has migrated their machines over to Linux? Me either.
As recently as August 2003, the Administrative Office of the US Court (AOUSC) was said to provide services to approximately 30,000 federal judges and court staff at approximately 800 sites. The AOUSC, the administrative arm of the federal judicial branch, provides services to the federal courts and judges in the areas of administration, program management and policy development. AOUSC also awarded a $9 million contract in November 2003 to migrate the federal courts national information technology infrastructure to the Linux/Intel platform. That's a fair commitment to a low-cost solution, under the cloud of alleged copyright infringement with not much in the way of indemnification.
Interesting, no? Check it out.

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