VIA Supports Dual Procs
Posted on: 03/31/2000 07:13 AM

Not much of a story, as we have known for a while now that mobos based on VIA stuff was coming for us SMP lovers, MaximumPC reports that VIA has made the announcement.
Want dual procs as well as AGP 4X, ATA-66 and SDRAM without the need to touch Intel's stunted 8xx chipsets? Thursday, VIA announced dual-Pentium-III support for its Apollo Pro 133A chipset.

The latest rev of the Apollo Pro 133A supports dual Pentium IIIs with memory support up to 4GB using registered DIMMs. VIA's Apollo Pro 133A has been the main alternative for people who have wanted to avoid paying for expensive Direct RDRAM or Rambus memory. Intel's advanced 820 and 840 chipsets run the fastest with Direct RDRAM but the chipsets have been marred by high-profile glitches and the price of the Rambus.

VIA has since made serious inroads with its Apollo Pro 133A chipset which offers support for PC133 SDRAM, AGP 4X, and ATA-66. For server duties, the Apollo Pro 133A will support up to 4GB of RAM using registered DIMMs.

Pricing and availability was not announced.

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