Video Card Round-up @ Tom's Hardware
Posted on: 12/29/2003 04:51 PM

Someone let me know that Tom's Hardware has a huge video card comparison posted. I'm not sure how many cards they tested, but there's a whack of them.
As was to be expected, a test of these proportions is no simple matter, and problems are bound to crop up. One such difficulty is assembling the line-up of cards to be tested. If you thought companies would be ecstatic at the thought of letting us test their cards, you're unfortunately mistaken. Instead, many companies are squeamish about sending us their low-end products, knowing full well that the performance these parts offer is not what one would consider breathtaking. Nonetheless, this is exactly the class of card that makes it into most of the inexpensive preconfigured, off-the shelf computers.
Check it out.

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