Vista/Office 2007 Day!
Posted on: 01/30/2007 08:39 PM

Today marks the official release of the twins from Redmond, Windows Vista and Office 2007. There is a flurry of discussion around the 'net regarding these releases, but, like-em or hate-em, they're finally here.

I've been playing with betas and RCs for quite a while now, and I can say that I am one of those poor souls smitten by all the eye-candy in Vista and the increased functionality and usability in Office 2007.

In an ongoing effort to thwart pirates, MS has implemented a new licensing/activation scheme in Vista that has generated almost as much discussion as the OS itself. Today the Tech Report, umm, reports on Vista's new licensing model, and tries to explain what's to like and/or not like about it.

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