Voodoo5 (Pre)Reviews
Posted on: 04/24/2000 05:14 PM

Dave over at HotHardware has been hard at work putting the Voodoo5 thru its paces. Read the whole review here. James over at Thresh's FiringSquad has also been working hard on their report of the Voodoo5 here .

It was really nice to see both of the reviews had the Voodoo5 go up against the Geforce. Both of the reviewers did a good job, but once again I have not found anyone who has done any (Pre)Reviews on the Voodoo5 in a Dual system.

<rant> So I urge you to write to 3dfx and demand that 2CPU get a card to thrash around in a dual computer! Or give Nvidia a buzz to give us some Geforce2 luvin!</rant> nah jj :-)

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