Voodoo 5 and SMP
Posted on: 05/12/2000 10:51 PM

Ahhh the question that's been on mine and every other duallie fanatics mind of late, Will the Voodoo5 have SMP support? Are we going to be able to switch that pesky r_smp 0 to r_smp 1 with our swanky new voodoo5 graphics card? Well, apparently not. Matt Thrailkill decided to drop Kyle Bennett, the skipper over @ Hardocp a line and run it by him.
You think you could do me, the people at 2CPU.com, and the people bitching at 3dfx on the 3dfxgamers.com messageboard a favor and try benching the Voodoo5 with "r_smp 1" in Quake3? We already know the GeForce can do it. The issue has been this: 3dfx said that SMP support is not in the Voodoo3 drivers because the V3 doesn't have enough fillrate to make it matter, and they promised them in the Voodoo5 driver release... could you validate it for us? It would be a really great favor if you could, this is an issue that would decide for me whether I get a Geforce2 or Voodoo5.
Kyle responded (He must get more mail then Santa) as per usual. This is what he had to say about the matter...
v5 is not smp.
Well that pretty much answers it for me. Kyle knows his stuff, and he wouldn't treat us wrong. What do you all think?

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