Voodoo 5 PCI review
Posted on: 08/06/2000 06:31 AM

Redwood from Stomped has a review of the V5 PCI. While AGP is the interface of choice for most, PCI is still important for many users of older systems and those without AGP slots:
This card definitely fits the bill for those wanting to go dual monitor or alternate between FSAA and non-FSAA games on a higher end system. It can also be used for people with K6 systems that are waiting to get a more expensive and CPU a little bit longer and just want nice graphics (32-bit, FSAA) in the meantime. If you are just looking for a speed improvement over your old Voodoo 3 PCI card then you probably would be better off waiting for that CPU/motherboard upgrade.
Since a number of server-level SMP boards don't have AGP slots, including the ServerWorks ones, it's nice to have a speedy alternative.

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