Voodoo 5 vs. Geforce 2 GTS!
Posted on: 07/28/2000 05:48 PM

Yup, we've seen these before. Papa Doc's Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill has decided to "go there" yet again. However this time, the benchmarks consist of more then just Quake3 and 3D-Mark! *gasp*.
To me a review is not a review unless it's a test with a bigger variety of games, at least 8 current ones. Also while interesting and somewhat useful for tuning a computer, artificial benchmarks like 3D-Mark are useless to me as a buyer. I want to know directly how a card or piece of hardware will affect my game playing experience and the only way to know that is to test it on games that people actually play. I am not a Techno-Uber-Geek... I'm not going to inflict you with Super Neato Spanko Technical terms to dazzle and amaze your friends and relatives.
Heh, I enjoyed reading this comparison. You'd probably be surprised by his conclusions. Check it out, if you dare, over here.

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