Vortex based cards and Linux (Finally!)
Posted on: 01/21/2000 02:07 PM

I missed this one last night, but it appears that Aureal has finally released Linux drivers for cards based on their Vortex1, Vortex2 and Vortex Advantage chips. According to the website, you must be running kernel 2.2.5 or newer on an Intel x86 machine. It also looks like more advanced features like quad output, A3D and SPDIF aren't supported... Yet.
We are currently working to include A3D support in the core chipset drivers. At the same time we are beginning the process of porting the A3D 3.0 audio engine over to various platforms, including Linux. We are also closely working with other Linux developers to ensure that we create something that will have a very positive impact on audio and gaming in the Linux environment.

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