VP6 News and the Epox EP-D3VA
Posted on: 11/08/2000 09:41 PM

HEXUS.net has gotten some inside dope on the upcoming VP6 from Abit. It's short and sweet, so I'll post the whole thing. [I just love run on sentences - Ed.]
Right. I've just spoken to Abit in Taiwan, The board is going in to production tommorow (8th), and it will be going through testing for FAE approval testing and then they will be sending it on to Tech sites to look at within 2 weeks, after which then we will see it on the shelf within 3 weeks, a month maximum! The problem has been down to CPU Softmenu III. But all problems are gone now!
On a related note, I just received an EP-D3VA from Epox. Upon first look, the board is well laid out and nicely built. "How does it run?", you ask. I dunno, I just got it :-) Look for my review in about two weeks.

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