Weekend DC Updates
Posted on: 07/31/2004 04:35 PM

Folding News We are still getting an influx of new members (nine this week) which has helped us to decrease Team Eggroll's daily gain still further. foad is adding 240ghz of CPU folding power for a short time which will help keep them at bay. It's a shame they can't be permanently folding. OC_Xeons is now at 950ghz and rising... You can see why he is the world's number one folder. SETI News The gradual migration of users to SETI BOINC continues, with team numbers in the old project dwindling week by week and new recruits appearing in the new group. However, there's still a core of 'old-timers' who're chasing various personal goals, so the team is holding its own despite the losses. This week: Find-a-Drug The Find-a-Drug (FaD) program is a not for profit DC project that is searching for cures for Malaria, Cancer, HIV, and bioterrorism antidotes using the THINK software. The software was written by Keith Davies, who also wrote the engine for United Devices. The program was originally hosted by United Devices but when UD changed their name to grid.org and reorganized to become a for-profit / for-hire company (of which UD is still a non-profit part of) the developer left UD and created Find-a-Drug. The SMP installation is very simple and the software allows for native support of multiple processors. Members of the project running the program can easily opt in or out of any of the current ongoing projects to focus on the program that they want to donate their resources to. Also, users have an active roll in the development of the THINK software and real life results from all the processing done are published frequently. For example, in the latest Cancer Laboratory Test Results posted on July 1st, molecules found by GigaHz and JamesAvery22 from 2CPU.com's FaD team (currently ranked 23rd overall) among others were listed as having exhibited the desired properties for anti-Cancer activity.

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