Weekend DC Updates
Posted on: 09/26/2004 01:46 PM

Folding News There have been some personal milestones reached this week. Rick5127 will take over 11th spot from Trotador, and is poised to enter the coveted top 10, a feat that takes dedication and a lot of folding to achieve. Anony1 has been climbing up the charts and is ranked as the forth highest producer, if he continues his terrific pace, a top 10 place is in his future. OC-Xeons will have 1000ghz of CPU power folding by this weekend, an amazing figure, which is why he is the worlds #1 folder. The power folders are fascinating to see and produce a lot of points, but it is the folders with 1 or 2 machines that are the backbone of the team, they will not get into the top 10 or many accolades, but their dedication and points are just as important. Keep up the good work everyone! If anyone wants to find out what folding is all about, join us in the folding forum were you can get all the information and help you require. SETI News Since the last news report, the SETI BOINC project has made available a new "server status" page on their site. Given the recent teething problems they've had, this particular page shouldn't be short of hits. If you're running SETI under the new interface and are having any difficulties obtaining or returning work, this will be a valuable resource to bookmark. It's business as usual with Classic SETI, although the recent efforts of some of the most productive team-members (especially uber-cruncher modboy) have pulled the team's daily output to near the 2500/day mark. This, and the recent recruitment of murfster, has allowed us to hold off the TPT SetiTeam 2000 for a while longer. We'll lose 47th to them soon, but at our current rate we'll get it back again when we catch the Amateur Radio Operators team.

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