Weekend Gaming: Part Deux!
Posted on: 01/24/2003 07:11 PM

Last weekend I decided to rally the troops around here a little bit and get some Quake II Deathmatch action going on. We had a fair turnout over the weekend and I know everyone had a lot of fun. This weekend the game will be Quake III Threewave CTF. MalHavoc and I have the server all primed and ready to roll. The address will be quake3.2cpu.com.

Dig out your Quake III cds and install the 1.32 Point Release and the very large Threewave CTF Mod.

We're going to start out hosting Quake III without Punkbuster running as several admins will doubtless be playing all the time. If we discover someone is cheating, that person will be dealt with harshly. Iptables is my friend.

I'll probably start up the server around 5:00PM EST so dig out your rocket launchers and let's have some fun. :-)

UPDATE: A few people from across the ocean complained that they were missing out on some game time since it was already evening over there. As such, the server is up. Enjoy.

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