Weekend News!
Posted on: 07/28/2001 06:16 PM

How's the weekend going for everyone thus far? I'm busily polishing off a motherboard evaluation for the HoH after which I'll start writing my Rioworks SDVIC review for you fine people. This board is an interesting creature although I'll admit I've encountered a snag here, a disappointment there thus far in my testing. As always, I'll try to scrounge up some reading:

- Sircam: A week in review over at News.com. My inbox got hammered as a result of this worm. It didn't find its way to your inbox? Maybe you're just jealous.

- Zdnet tells us that Windows XP Release Candidate-2 could be available... today?

- Mikey tells us of a man who wants "Intel Inside" tatooed on his head.

- Hardware Analysis has a review of Adaptec's 29160 posted. I used one of these controllers for awhile, worked very well for me.

- Did you spend hours and hours playing Mario Bros.? Watch this.

- Hitachi will abandon CRTs entirely for LCDs at the end of this year. This I'm excited about. These two 20" Trinitrons sitting on my desk consume loads of power and space. Give me 2 17.1" LCDs, thanks.

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