Weekend Topic: Continuing education, College vs. Trade school
Posted on: 06/02/2007 02:32 AM

I know many people go through this dilemma every year when leaving High school or otherwise trying to move up the ladder of success. However, I rarely see it discussed in detail. There are some Pro's and Con's about Trade school. Especially in the Information Technology (IT) market, where competition is fierce.

I've witnessed so many people who go to college and aren't completely sure about the program of study in the long term. I've seen many people take up CS( Computer Science) only to figure out that, it just wasn't for 'them'. On the other hand, I've seen people go to Career training or Trade based schools like ITT Tech and graduate making decent or better salaries as opposed to someone who put in 4 years for their BA. (Do people really pursue their AA anymore?)

I think the biggest Con of College is the usual, Tuition! Some schools on an average can cost up to $30k per semester. Very expensive and you can end up in serious debt. In comparison to a Career Training or Trade school, which may only cost you $13k total.

On one hand you receive a Diploma from a College or University for your studies. On the other, you receive a Certificate from a Trade school. Although, the education received may vary.

With the IT field growing, what are your thoughts on the decision of continuing education?

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