What does John Romero have in his box?
Posted on: 07/18/2000 06:11 AM

This article over at Gamespy asks several game developers what they're running in their main systems:
Gabe Newell, director, Valve software:

What make of computer do you use (or build your own):
We work with a local computer company and they build to our specifications.
Processor speed and type:
For development, we typically have dual-processor systems about 3 speed grades off of whatever is the fastest available.
Amount of RAM:
512 MB, although Mike Dussault wants to build a machine with about 3 GB of RAM to see how much he can speed up builds.
Type of motherboard:
We have a lot of BX motherboards and some 820's, although we are starting to move to the KT-133's.
Type of video card:
We change video cards all the time. Most people have Quadra's or GeForce 2 based cards. Jay just installed a Radeon.
Type of sound card:
The default board we use is a Soundblaster Live, although Kelly Bailey and Bill Van Buren have every sound device known to man.
At least some of these guys have their heads on straight!

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