What's got Bill fuming?
Posted on: 01/14/2000 01:07 PM

I just got this email from Bill over at CPUReview. I'll just post the whole email, but I suggest that you go read his whole article as well.
Sometimes the sheer gall of politicians and lobbyists gets to me. I've heard of UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act) before; but I never thought it had a chance of passing. Unfortunately it looks like Virginia will pass it. Heaven preserve us from clueless politicians.

A couple of lawyers are trying to fight it; they deserve our support. I've posted an article by them at http://www.cpureview.com/art_ucita_a.html.

I urge you and your readers to write to your congress critters; this foolishness has to be stopped.

Best Regards (and fuming),


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