Where is the server industry headed?
Posted on: 11/01/2006 04:48 PM

The HEXUS crew took a little time from their busy schedule to attend a recent Boston VIP server seminar. While not packed full of earth-shattering news, the article does provide some insight into where server technology, and the industry in general, is headed.
Interestingly, power considerations have now become paramount, with some data centres simply unable to add extra hardware due to an inability to supply the power required for both operation and associated cooling. As a worst-case scenario, Google, for example, has faced problems in ensuring adequate power to its server farms, so modern servers need to be as power-efficient as possible, a factor that hasn't been considered too closely before.
I think there was a misprint in the quoted power consumption for the test machines referenced in the power tests, but ignoring that, there is some good info the article.

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