Why a Xeon?
Posted on: 11/21/2000 10:59 PM

The Crew Technica have a nice little ditty that spills the beans on the new Coppermine based Xeons. What really does make them so different (Err... More expensive) than the regular PIII Coppermines? This week's Ask Ars spells it all out:
The Intel PIII Coppermine (Intel's current PIII), for those who aren't familiar, takes the basic PII/PIII design and puts the cache right on the processor. Just like the Xeon. The difference is, the PIII Coppermine only comes with 256k cache, no larger options. The Pentium III Xeon comes in three flavors: 256k, 1 meg, and 2 megs of cache. Wait, a PIII Coppermine and PIII Xeon with 256k cache? What's the difference?

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