Why run GNU/Linux?
Posted on: 01/12/2000 07:51 PM

Linux World has posted a thought provoking piece that "examines reasons to use Linux that transcend technology". It's actually not as boring as that quote makes it sound, and if you are (or have been) thinking about Linux as your next OS... You should go read "The Columnist's Manifesto". Ponder this...
You've heard the buzz about Linux, and seen lots of the hype: Linux IPOs are setting records on Wall Street, Linus Torvalds is becoming a household name, and Miguel de Icaza was named Innovator of the Year by MIT.

You may also know that Linux is growing faster than Windows in the server space. It's cropping up more and more on the desktop as well, although the general consensus is that Linux isn't ready to mount a serious challenge to Windows there. Not yet, at least.

But we're starting to see Linux for sale more often, and in more places: at Sam's Club, in CompUSA, and in bookstores. Just look around Barnes and Noble these days; you may discover to your amazement that Linux has more titles on the shelves than Windows. This might cause you to shiver ever so slightly, and get a sense of dread or impending doom. Something is happening here that you don't understand, and you're afraid it's about to pass you by.

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