Williamette to replace P3 as mid-range CPU
Posted on: 05/09/2000 03:47 PM

No, the P3 isn't going away, it's more likely that the Celeron2's lifespan has just been dramatically reduced.

I noticed over at Overclockers Workbench that Intel is moving the Williamette into the mid-range slot and the P3 will likely shift down into the budget category, thus bumping the C2 off the chart.

It seems that instead of moving the P3 to a 200MHz FSB, the "slower" Williamette chips will take this role to compete squarely with the Athlon:
The change came recently when Intel scrapped a project to develop a 200-MHz front-side bus for its Pentium III line, a family that offers a top FSB speed of 133 MHz. According to sources, the chip was to have gone head-to-head with the AMD Athlon, which is equipped with the faster 200-MHz bus.
It sounds like Intel will have a full plate of SMP-capable processors again...

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