Win2k and Gaming
Posted on: 02/23/2000 03:17 AM

It seems that someone from the Win2k developement team hacked in to the Gamespy site and posted his opinion of Win2k as a gaming OS. He also takes the time to address the 63,000 "bugs" in the final code. Here's the whole deal, and here's a quote...
Make no mistake. Windows 2000 is aimed at the enterprise and not the home. There are a ton of services and security components that a home user will never need nor care about. However, just because it is meant for business doesn't mean it must stay there. Thousands of devices, software titles, and games have been tested with Windows 2000. I myself have played more than a dozen of the latest games including Unreal Tournament, Asheron's Call, 1602 A.D., and Age of Empires II.

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