Win2k Article Status
Posted on: 01/28/2000 05:34 AM

I know a lot of you are waiting for Part 2 of my Windows 2000 article. Well, I've got a problem: One of the systems I was going to test on is based on an Abit BE6. My BE6 mobo has died, and at only 3 months old. I've contacted Abit twice about expediting a replacement so it can be used in my article, but they haven't responded at all. To be clear, I haven't asked them for anything free, just getting me a replacement mobo ASAP for this article. I would appreciate comments about whether or not I should just post part 2 having only installed on OEM systems, or if you would rather I stick it out until I get a new motherboard. Ideally, I'd love to replace my BE6 with a BP6 and a pair of Celerons, but I'm a bit tight on cash at the moment. Let me know what you want. - J.C.

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